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NYKFW Documentary

Little Creative Factory Delivers A Spectacular Premiere At NY Kids Fashion Week

New York, NY – December 2, 2023. Cristina Fernandez, an exceptional and visionary clothing designer once again captured the industry’s attention with her unparalleled talent and limitless creativity at New York Kids Fashion Week in collaboration with New York Kids Runway. The event, which took place on Saturday, December 2nd at the Leman Ballroom in New York City, transported the audience into a realm where fashion and magic intertwined seamlessly. The stunning showcase captivated attendees with its enchanting atmosphere and meticulously choreographed performances. Once again Ona Mas, daughter of Cristina, combined the precision of grace of runway fashion with the emotive storytelling of theatre. Ona opened last year’s Montreal runway show featuring FW22 collection called Silhouettes with a bewitching performance blending elements of fashion, artistry and storytelling. The shows continue to be unforgettable and immersive experiences that go beyond the garments themselves.

Little Creative Factory’s runway showcased a capsule from its highly anticipated SS24 NEVERMORE collection. Nevermore is a fantastic land where kids are encouraged to be different, fun, and brave. Drawing inspiration from Tim Burton’s Wednesday series, Cristina designed a distinctive collection juxtaposing elements of whimsical charm and delightful darkness. The designs celebrate individuality and embrace the magic of every child. The joyous one that dresses in vibrant colors, the mischievous one that prefers darker tones, and the outcast that cannot fit into any box and likes to experiment and create their own palette of colors and textures.

Cristina Fernandez’s vision for NEVERMORE SS24 begins with a monochromatic black and white wardrobe that becomes the blank canvas to build on, contrasted with drops of apricot orange and cream. The interplay of volumes and shapes, trademark of the brand, translates into puffed sleeves, multi layered skirts and beautiful frills. The collection is playful, imaginative and intertwines seamlessly into the fun-seeking lifestyle of children.

Little Creative Factory’s runway presence was met with excitement and enthusiasm from fashion admirers to
industry insiders. Cristina Fernandez’s creative manifestation astounded and enthralled the audience, leaving an enduring impact on the children’s fashion industry.

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