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Attention to all who are playful, unconventional, daring, and imaginative. Prepare for an exhilarating journey with this bewitching collection that promises to captivate your spirit!

Presenting our SS24 collection, ‘Nevermore’, a tribute to each child’s individual QR code, celebrating the enchantment within every child. This versatile collection empowers you to express your true self – whether you choose monochromatic elegance one day or opt for vibrant and daring styles the next. Break free from confines, embody your uniqueness, and unlock a world of creative exploration with this extraordinary collection!


In this collection, a monochromatic black and white wardrobe serves as a pristine canvas, contrasted with hints of orange and cream. The fusion of silhouettes and structures, a signature of our brand, manifests in billowy sleeves, tiered skirts, and exquisite frills. Echoing the gothic romance of Wednesday Addams realm, the collection offers a contemporary twist that channels the spirited essence of today’s playful, digitally native children.

Heartfelt and floral patterns entwine with geometric and dotted designs, while our elevated essentials, reimagined in the SS24 color palette, effortlessly complement the more daring styles. Step boldly into NEVERMORE adorned in our distinctive creations. Our designs honor uniqueness and celebrate the enchantment found in every child – from the vibrant soul adorned in lively hues, to the enigmatic spirit drawn to deeper shades, and the creative individual unbound by conventions, forging their own color spectrum.

This summer, embrace a season of enchanting shadows and extraordinary escapades. Allow your imagination to soar as your style radiates within our enchanting collection.