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To celebrate little creative factory’s 10th year, we chose the concept of OHANA, of family and all the loved ones that pertain to it to reflect how we have grown as a family over the years. Our protagonist, Pippi, embodies the unconventional, always challenging ideas about how girls should behave, living by her own rules and striving to be “a little different”. The SS23 collection is like her, uninhibited, rebellious, and defiant; it crosses gender and age stereotypes, paying homage to the wild child within us, to the bonds that tie us all together and the happiness and freedom of holidays.
Rainbow prints and big floral designs ontowelling fabrics are matched with blackand white tribal check pants on naturalcotton fabrics. Gold pleated hula skirtscombine with wavy knit sweaters andfish net socks. Honolulu sun dresseswith tulle details pair perfectly withoversize fleece sweatshirts.
Mr Nilson the dog is the starprint on soft cotton long-sleevedtops, to be worn over baggy flowerprint pants or gold Hula shorts.The OHANA collection has somethingfor everyone, it invites you tocombine the contemporary with theclassic, to mix and match playfulprints with block colour patternsin contrasting fabrics.