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“The true sign of intelligence is not knowledge but imagination.”
Albert Einstein

A bright green splash of color pushes through the earth, a microscopic new beginning is set in motion, the seeds of change stir restlessly in the ground. Is it magic or science? Is it a miracle or a chemical mix? Our FW23 collection, The Quiet Botanist, celebrates the natural universe and the curious minds of our young entrepreneurs and scientists who are constantly seeking out new answers to ancient universal mysteries. We pay homage to our budding scientists and quiet botanists and their desire to investigate the individual elements and interconnected systems that make up this periodic table of life!


Experimental, easy-to-wear garments with an edge of street and a nod to the future make a dramatic entrance this winter. Bright green neoprene A-line skirts and silver new age puffer coats sit alongside cool black and cream tricot jerseys and classic check wool coats. Velvet devoré dresses in earthy copper brown tones combine with silver raincoats and shiny bomber jackets.

Gold and black stripy stretch pants sit under hoodies with periodic table prints. White cotton dresses with tulle overlays and shadowy plant prints make a botanical splash, pairing beautifully with plaited tricot raw white cotton jerseys and shiny bucket hats. Plain black comfy blazers with matching trousers become statement pieces. Mix them up with soft fleece tops and washed-out denim pants for a sophisticated take on street style. This is wearable art. This is comfy cosy street style. This is the Quiet Botanist.


This collection was created by and for our team of Quiet Botanists, who have been working on the greatest experiment of all times. Silently but surely, they have been testing and playing around with new fabrics, different textures, and innovative ingredients to create the best scientist outfits.
The following lines contain information and images about FW23 that are TOP SECRET, taken straight out of the lab: we ask you to please continue under your own responsibility and wear your little scientist outfit at all times. You will need to be veeeery curious, creative, and ready to explore!
And just like that… bright white lab coats and periodic table dresses turned into a aleidoscopic interplay of materials, shapes and patterns hinting to the blank page that the future is for those who dare to project their crazy, colorful vision.
Now it’s your turn: choose your Quiet Botanist outfit and join our little scientists team in this ongoing investigation… every day is a new chance to experiment and let your imagination fly!